• Orthotics

    Get custom-made orthotics from a fully certified professional to alleviate a variety of muscle, joint and nerve conditions.

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  • M.A.T.

    Muscle Activation Technique is an effective new treatment option used by professional athletes and others who want to improve their physical capabilities.

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  • Athletic Training

    If you are hosting an event, tournament or your team is in need of a trainer, we can help.

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Enjoy a happy, healthy, active lifestyle

Don’t let chronic pain, muscular imbalances or biomechanical issues impact your lifestyle. Discuss treatment options with us at our Milton office and get moving again!

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    • Flexible hours to suit your work schedule
    • Large collection of fashionable and functional footwear available
    • Conveniently located in downtown Milton Ontario
    • Trained in sign language (ASL) to assist the hearing impaired
    • Experienced in working with a wide variety of insurance plans
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