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  • Lisa Walters

    BPHE, ATTH, C Ped (C), MAT Jumpstart Certified

    Active Revival is owned and operated by Lisa Walters. Lisa uses a multidimensional approach to assess the root cause of your pain or discomfort. With a background in Kinesiology, Athletic Therapy, Pedorthics and Muscle Activation Technique, Lisa can draw from a vast educational and experiential background to help you get back to moving better, and with less pain. With a Bachelor degree in Physical Health and Education from Laurentian University, a Certificate in Athletic Therapy from York University, numerous Personal Training, Yoga and Fitness Certifications, Muscle Activation Technique Jumpstart Trainer Certification and being a Certified Pedorthist in Canada, Lisa has a very strong background in assessing and treating the human body. As well, Lisa has worked with several multidisciplinary clinics, multiple sports teams including hockey, football, soccer and rugby, and in the film and television industry allows Lisa to use an eclectic approach to bring you the best treatment options.

    Lisa has a passion for helping people live active, healthy lifestyles. Having gone through numerous knee surgeries, but wanting to continue to participate in competitive sport, Lisa developed a drive to learn about the latest treatments and research. Lisa continues to participate in elite level volleyball and many other sports and activities.


    We are all unique in how we move and function, and how we get injured and feel pain, our assessments and treatment should be as unique as we are. We are made up of hundreds of bones and muscles, close to a thousand ligaments and billions of nerves and something can go wrong with any one of these tissues. My goal is to find the root cause of the issue using a variety of assessment tools, and treating the problem till the symptoms resolve. I believe in giving the responsibility of health back to the patient by educating them on what is happening to their body and how to help avoid re-injury. My holistic approach to treatment helps bring the body back into balance, allowing the many muscles, bones and nerves to work better together to keep you functioning your best.