Muscle Activation Technique

  • Muscle Activation Technique

What is MAT™ (Muscle Activation Technique)?

MAT is a systematic approach for evaluating and correcting muscular imbalances that contribute to injury, impede recovery and compromise performance. MAT works on a reproducible system of checks and balances that helps differentiate between the cause and the symptom of your pain. Muscle activation refers to the process of “jumpstarting” a muscle. Just like our cars rely on the electrical energy that is transferred through the cables from the battery to the engine when we start our car, our muscles rely on the transfer of an electrical impulse that travels through our nerves from our brain to our muscles.  Due to many factors such as stress, trauma or overuse, these neurological connections may become altered.  When your brain tells your muscle to contract, the connection may work slower causing the muscle to respond slower, which creates and increased demand on other muscles to perform the movement. This results in compensation, and over time compensation results in pain and degeneration. By identifying these compensations and “jumpstarting” the appropriate muscles we create the ability for the muscles to stabilize the joints and work more efficiently reducing aches and pains.